How to Make Your Dr. Note Look Real

With the rising costs of healthcare and stricter rules at the workplaces and schools, many people today are using fake doctor notes. While there a number of risks involved in using fake doctors notes, a lot of people prefer using them to visiting a doctor every time they get sick or want to miss school or work.

If you’re in a situation that needs a fake doctor note, then it’s imperative to ensure that they look as real as possible.  So, the following are some things to keep in mind to ensure that your fake doctor note looks real before handing it to your teacher or school.  You can get a lot more info at

– Contact Information: For starters, it’s imperative to ensure that the note has the contact information of the doctor. This should include their name, address, and phone number.
– Date and Time: You should also include in the note the date and time that you visited the doctor. Ensure that the note also includes the date when you are excused from the school or work. This a vital element that excuses notes should always have.
– Name of the Person Seen: Another element that must be included in the note is your name so that it can look real. Just include your name and don’t give too much information about your condition as this can violate the HIPAA laws of privacy.
– Limitations: another thing to include is any limitation(s) that you might have in the next few days. For example, it can be something like not lifting a lot, or not walking a lot.

Other Limitations that Can be Added

There are other limitations that you can add without making your fake doctors note look fake. You can choose a limitation of only wearing a certain kind of shoes, working at a desk or lifting at most 10 pounds of load. Just ensure that the limitations sound legitimate.


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