A Fake Doctors Note Request From the Vet

My sister works at a free animal clinic. Twice since last January she has seen an example of how desperate some people are to get a Fake Doctors Note excuse sheet.

Here’s my sister:

The sign on the front of the property here does say Dr. Williams and gives the hours her office is open. You know, it is the standard template kind of sign that all doctors use.

Well, two times some crazy looking females have come to the office. They have asked, in quite animated fashion, for Dr. Willians to sign a few sheets of fake doctor note excuses. One lady even fake doctor excuse sheets preprinted. You know what I mean? They were like forms you would get from the school office. The other lady said she needed some time off from work. Here Human Resources office would doc her pay without an excuse sheet signed by a doctor.

Here is a great site you might like: http://katv.com/news/health/need-a-doctors-note-for-a-sick-day

Both ladies were quite angry when my sister had to explain that giving such a note was not possible. Further more it was not a good idea. When challenged why, Sis explained that the good doctor was an animal doctor, a veterinarian. My sister gave in and, with the Doctors permission, she signed the doctors name using a sample from an order sheet that he had filled out. Sis thinks the doctor did that just to get those two crazy ladies out of the office before some real patients came in.

I just do not get it. Why can people like that not just go to their real doctors. All they need to do is tell them they do not feel well. Most likely they would get the fake doctors note that they are seeking. And from a real doctor, no less.

Doctor's notes works best

request a surgeon’s notes