Effects of Junk Foods

Junk Foods can be characterized as empty Calories, you’ll feel full but it does not give you energy. Plus not only will it help you gain weight but also it has massive repercussions to your health. Those side effects are what we’re going to explore today.

  1. Slows Down Metabolis- After 5 days your body particularly your muscles’ will lose the ability to oxidize glucose. Your muscles either break down glucose or strore it. So if you continue to consume juck foods it would probably store in the glucose.
  2. Increases the risk of a Heart Attack -this is because of continues consumption of unhealthy fats causes a large spike in your blood-sugar.
  3. Linked to Chronic Disease- Instant noodles and cerals etc. can give you excessive amount of energy which is harmful to your body.
  4. It is more Dangerous than smoking – A wide range of people from children to adults are obese or overweight, the WHO have accepted the facts that obesity is a bigger global threat than tobacco
  5. Designed to be Addicitve – Company’s have discovered how to override our body’s natural responses to food and give junk foods the ability to stimulate a strong reward response that causes us to overeat.

The following facts can help you find the right conclusion on if you should consume or cut back junk foods.